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Bottle (B) & Glass (G)

Our signature Margaritas and Cocktails are made with our unique Peruvian Brandy “pisco”; a high quality grape brandy from Peru.

Treat yourself to a glass of wine, from Peru, Argentina or Chile! Or simply have a Peruvian beer; Cristal , Cusqueña.

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Los Vascos .B$16.75 - G$4.50
Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, ruby red color, aromas of blueberries and cherries. Semi dry.
Bodega Séptima .B$17.75 - G$4.75
Malbec Argentinan red wine with flavors of ripe plums, raspberry licorice and a tint of mocha.
Los Vascos Sauvignon .B$16.75 - G$4.50
White, semi-dry with aromas of white peach, pear, green apple and lime. From Chile.
Gran Rose .B$16.75 - G$4.50
Demi-sec. rose wine from Perú. Light and fruity.
Tabernero Borgoña .B$17.75 - G$4.75
Red demi-sec. Peruvian Wine, unique in its category
Margarita de Pisco $5.75
On the rocks or frozen. Made with pisco, triple sec,signature margarita mix, fresh lime juice and sour mix.
Piña Colada Margarita $6.25
Made with pisco, Coconut cream, pineapple juice, and margarita mix.
Margarita de Oro $6.25
Made with pisco, triple sec, fresh lime juice, sour mix and orange juice
Perú Libre $6.25
Back to basics! Made with pisco, fresh lime juice, coke and ice
Long Island Iced Tea $7.50
Your known cocktail made with pisco, vodka, gin, triple sec, sweet & sour mix and coke
Piscopolitan $6.00
Made with cranberry juice, pisco, triple sec and fresh lime juice
Pisco Punch $6.00
A pineapple delight made with pisco, pineapple juice, sugar cane and lime. Served over ice
Portón Tini $6.50
indilge yourself into a “Tini”. Made with Porton pisco, vanilla liqueur, fresh lime juice, sugar cane and club soda.
Machu Picchu $6.50
A delicious recipe made with pisco, brandy, mint liqueur, orange juice and grenadine syrup.
El Capitán $6.50
The Pisco Manhattan made with pisco, vermouth and angostura bitter. Served on the rocks
Gold Inti $7.00
Another favorite, Porton pisco, tangerine liquor, orange and passion fruits juices, just the perfect blend!
Chilcano $6.00
Refreshing Cocktail made with pisco, ginger ale and fresh lime juice. Served on the rocks
Pisco Sour $6.75
Peruvian National Drink made with pisco, fresh lime juice, sugar cane, egg white and angostura bitter.
Bud Light Beer $3.25
Modelo Especial Beer $3.50
Corona Light Beer $3.50
Corona Extra Beer $3.50
Cusqueña Beer $3.50